Tabi Bonney x Wiz Khalifa : BANG BANG

Cool Kids Forever

Quincy - Record Straight

My first project directing Quincy! frequincy x teamDream

Renzo - Trickin'

Good Friend Eleven

SiAngie Twins - Ashame

hooked the twins up with a dope visual while in Wynwood!

Big IL - Party

Anytime artist Big IL is in L.A. we shoot something dope!

Big IL - Hypertension

Chicago artist shot this while in L.A. 

Maria Maslin - Love in the Dark

teamed up with Maximilian Images in Philly!

Dilemma - I ain't Sh*t

teamed up with Maximilian Images for another 1 in Philly!

Quincy - Blue Dot

directed by Mike Ho 

Aleem - Find Out

Worked with Philly Fly Boy on this project

Tabi Bonney x Fat Trel : Time of her Life

my first video on MTV Jams